Why I’m ditching makeup wipes

We’ve all done it. You get home from a night out and can’t wait to remove the heavy makeup. When I’m sleepy, the last thing I want to do is splash a load of water in my face so out come the wipes! For years, makeup wipes have saved me from the dreaded morning panda eyes. I’ve used various brands, Simple wipes being my favourite because they don’t contain alcohol. Until recently, I never considered the impact wipes actually have on the environment or my skin.

It’s been estimated that around 93% of blockage materials found in the UK sewage system is made up purely of wet wipes. That’s insane! Wipes are often made with non-biodegradable plastics, it’s these synthetic fibres that take a long time to break down and this is causing havoc in our oceans. Our convenience culture is seriously costing the planet…

If that’s not enough to put you off, you know those annoying pores that seem to be getting bigger? Well, wipes don’t lift oils, makeup or bacteria from your skin, they basically just rub grime into your pores. Sexy. Even more worrying is that the chemicals used on some wipes have been linked to a host of skin allergies, including eczema and dermatitis… eek!

Many wipes also contain alcohol, which isn’t good for your skin. In fact, alcohol dries your skin out, stripping it of its natural oils and making it harder for new cells to regenerate.

So in an effort to be more environmentally friendly, less wasteful and kinder to my skin, I’ve made a promise to myself that I will stop using any type of wet wipe altogether.

What do I use instead?

Kim K recently mentioned using a warm cloth to cleanse her face of an evening. I don’t often take advice from Kimmy but in this case, she is on the ball. I’ve recently started using a bamboo cloth with my regular face wash. These cloths work SO well at gently exfoliating, even without any face wash, they just leave my skin feeling squeaky clean and glowing. The best thing about muslin cloths is that you can just throw them in with your washing, then hang them to dry in the bathroom. They’re reusable making them better for the environment than wipes, this means I’m also saving money.

Of course, if you really can’t say goodbye to make up wipes, you can get some brilliant eco-friendly recommendations here. The downside is that these are often ridiculously high prices.

Pros of muslin cloths: 100% cotton, gently exfoliates, more environmentally friendly than wipes, reusable – save my pennies, made with natural fibres, my skin feels and looks great!

and the Cons: Looks ugly hanging in the bathroom, especially because makeup stains them easily. Can’t win them all though aye!


I am a Botanics Ambassador. This means I’m lucky enough to try out their lovely products. If I rate them, I write about them.

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