Beauty Pie – What’s the deal?

This brand concept has intrigued me for literally years… Beauty Pie is one of those brands that has been on my radar for a long while. Who doesn’t love receiving a mysterious box of goodies, as beauty pie put it ‘we want you to feel like a kid in a candy shop’ and that’s exactly how I feel every time the postman delivers mine.

What’s the deal?

Beauty Pie is a transparent beauty subscription service, offering luxury beauty at factory prices. They get around this by cutting out the middleman & shunning celebrity marketing.

Did you know that we’re often paying 5X the amount that a luxury product actually costs to make? Imagine paying £100 for something that costs £20 to make…

So how does Beauty pie work?

You become a member by paying a subscription to the service. Your subscription allows you a spending limit per month to buy products at members prices. For example, I have a £10 per month subscription, this allows to me purchase typically priced products totaling to a £100 – but all at member’s prices! is easy to shop, possibly too easy… before I knew it I had exceeded my monthly allowance and couldn’t wait for my next allowance the following month. Each time my powder pink box arrives lovingly wrapped in luxe, minimal packaging which I rip open like an animal because I can’t bloody wait. Let’s be honest, does anyone remain civilized when faced with a box of goodies?

My total spend including my monthly fee came to £46. Now I can’t deny, that is might frivolous spend. But for lovers of premium beauty, it’s an absolute steal! (I’d usually spend that on an eye cream alone) So I got three products for my buck. A candle, an eye and skin product.

Worth it?

I just have to mention the Pomegranate candle. This smells suspiciously similar to another pomegranate candle we all know and love, except this one doesn’t require taking out a small loan to make your living room smell delicious. The candle packaging is a beautifully minimal design that sits proudly on my shelf.

I also have the Vitamin Dose serum and a Retinol eye cream which I’ve been using for around 2 months now, I’ll be sharing my favourite bits over the coming weeks.

One glance at my instagram and you’d think I have developed an unhealthy obsession with Beauty pie. Safe to say I most certainly have – Stay tuned!


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