5 Uplifting podcasts to listen to in lockdown

Don’t know about you but I’m feeling a bit lonely right now… I’m isolating with my man (he’s lovely and we haven’t killed each other yet) but I miss seeing and talking to other people face to face. Times like these call for things that uplift us. The radio is great but if you want to get away from the news altogether, here are some of my personal favourites to keep you company after a hard day on the front line, working from home or just lying in bed doing nowt, which, by the way, is completely acceptable at the mo.

Birthday skin. Two northern lasses, Charly & Amy, discuss skincare, life and nonsense. These two really know their stuff. Delivering expert beauty advice through sarcasm and silliness. Their comical bickering reminds me of an old married couple. I’m a huge fan.

Grounded with Louis Theroux – well it’s about time Louis! Our favourite smooth-talking investigative journalist has launched his own podcast and it couldn’t have come at a better time. I’ve been a fan of his since his weird weekends series going back a good 20 years! (god I feel old) so I’m excited to see what topics he’ll touch upon. Also… I think he might be my weird crush.

Fearn Cottons happy place. Relatability is really important during periods of isolation so I couldn’t put together a podcast list without mentioning our Fern. Mindfulness and helping you find your happy place is her mission. I feel like I’m sat in a room with old friends. It’s all incredibly wholesome.

Russell Brand on youtube – Russell delves into the human psyche to help us gain a better understand ourselves. Topics ranging from shame, guilt.. the gritty stuff It’s often raw, emotional with lots of laughs, just like Russell himself.

Beth Kirby of the Rawmilk podcast features Interviews with inspiring entrepreneurs and prolific designers. All sharing their stories, struggles and offering insightful snippets of advice for those who are looking to turn their creative passion into a business. If you’re currently sat at home with a big idea but need that extra push, give this podcast a listen.

This period of isolation won’t (fingers & toes crossed) last forever but while we have the time, let’s enjoy the small things.


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