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  • What I hope to achieve in 2018

    Hey guys,

    I’ve been away for a few weeks. Not actually away, although I really wouldn’t mind being somewhere beautiful and sunny right about now.

    My new years eve started with good intentions of ‘having a quiet one’, you know how it goes. It wasn’t long before me and my guy was sat in the back of an Uber, on our way to a rave, which went on until 8 am. We spent new years day sleeping and eating pizza. So I guess you could say it was a good one…

    I really don’t believe that you need to put loads of pressure on yourself the minute the first of January hits. It is just a day, after all, you can make improvements to your life any time of the year. I started back in October 2017, when I truly started to take my fitness and health seriously. My relationship with food has completely changed and fitness is no longer a chore. I’ve made a conscious effort to make this a part of my lifestyle, faddy diets and food guilt are now a thing of the past.


    So I guess we’ll start off with the good stuff. I consumed more alcohol in 2017 than in any of my previous years. It all comes down to red wine. I LOVE red wine (especially when accompanied with cheese!). Through an effort of trying to stay in more and spend less cash, I actually ended up indulging in a lot of red wine. In turn, I piled on the pounds and found it harder to resist ALL of the bread. Wine, as lovely as it is, tends to spur me on to eat nonsense foods that have no benefit for my gut or health.

    In 2018 I am reserving red wine for the odd weekend and special occasions. I’m looking forward to waking up the morning after with no brain fog.


    You start to take your health more seriously by the time you hit the 30 mark, or so I’ve heard. As someone who is swiftly approaching 30, I can definitely vouch for that. When I decided I would make health and fitness a constant part of my lifestyle. I had to make some big changes. I left my old uninspiring gym and joined a new one which I absolutely LOVE visiting! I stopped making excuses for once and started kicking my own butt, getting to the gym and sticking to it. Patience is most definitely a virtue! I’ve stopped expecting instant results and am learning to enjoy the ride. Surrounding myself with positive people who want to better themselves has had a massive impact on my attitude to training.

    Being a broad-shouldered lass made me fear the weights section. That was one of my biggest misconceptions about weights actually, I thought I’d get HUGE! How wrong was I! Doing weights has put my fitness on turbo mode. Now I’m feeling more toned and fitter than I have in ages, in such a short period of time too. I used to walk in the gym without a plan, aimlessly switching between cardio machines. Now I’ve taught myself how to use the equipment, I make use of everything. It stops things from getting boring! 2018 is definitely going to be my year for further improvement in this area. I feel like getting fitter and feeling healthier is now within my grasp, it’s an exciting and challenging journey. Bring on those weights!


    Back in October, I posted about my unhealthy relationship with food, Trying to stop binge eating, getting food guilt and just trying to find balance was a real challenge for me. One big thing I’ve learned about myself is that I am a serious emotional eater. I’ve often turned to food for comfort so many times in my life, not nourishing food either. My choice of comfort food? Ristorante pizza and a whole tub of Ben & Jerry’s. That’s just in one sitting, then came the food guilt. I’d end up skipping meals which wasn’t at all healthy. Separating actual hunger from emotional eating was something I learned to do from intermittent fasting.

    I will continue to focus on creating balanced meals. Apart from continuing to make healthier choices, I really want to produce beautiful food for my friends and family. Expect to see lots more healthy recipes on my Instagram in 2018!


    I’ve had the same Panasonic Lumix camera for the last 6 years. It’s a great little camera that has never let me down, however, I still haven’t got to grasps with proper photography. This is ridiculous, especially when I have one of the best photography pals to lend me her wisdom. When looking through my photos, I also realised that I never take photos of myself, all my holiday snaps consist of landscapes, which is silly when you can get a better quality picture from a quick google image search. I got pretty sad thinking that I won’t have many pictures to show my grandkids one day 🙁

    That is all going to change. I’m going to re-educate myself with the camera and experiment more with lighting and interesting angles. I will most certainly take more pictures of myself!


    Blogging is a hobby of mine, despite this, I still find it difficult to blog most days. The great thing is that Since I started this blog in August, I’ve really been having a blast putting the content out there. This is probably due to the fact I’ve not been stats watching, I’ve not tried to stick to a blogging schedule either. I’ve just been having fun and posting when I feel, That’s what blogging is all about after all! I’ve also had more engagement and a better experience than I did with my old blog.

    In 2018, I’d love the chance to work with more of the skincare brands I love and also feature more travel and wellness breaks. Meeting fellow bloggers and skincare enthusiasts is something else I’d love to do more of, inspiring and being inspired by like-minded folks makes all the difference. This blogging world can often feel a little lonely at times, meeting people who are doing a similar thing to you and share your passions is one of the most rewarding things about being a blogger. It also reignites your passion and spurs you on to make more quality content. Although, this applies to anything in life, not just blogging. If you want to get fit, be around people who also want to get fit. If you want to be more creative, attend a class with other creatives. You know that saying, your vibe attracts your tribe?.

    For me, 2018 will be the year of sports bras, gym leggings, creativity and good food. What do you hope to achieve this year?




    1. January 4, 2018 / 9:53 pm

      Yes, Yes and Yes! I love every part of this post. Well done you for making such a positive impact on you xx. Im a massive skincare geek, so always happy to talk skincare. Always! I look forward to chatting more this year xx

      • admin
        January 5, 2018 / 11:53 am

        Thanks, Kerry! Looking forward to more skincare chat with you <3 x

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