6 ways to NOT overdo it this Christmas

“Go on, You deserve a treat”

For someone who has spent most of their waking life treating themselves to all the wrong foods, the thought of never-ending temptation over Christmas fills me with dread. I’ve really struggled to find balance in the past with my diet. Though 2017 has been a real turning point for me with many things, especially with my diet. I’m more in control of my diet than ever, I don’t emotionally eat like I used to. Although, It has taken me a while to get to this point. I’ve listed a few things I’m doing differently this year, so I can enjoy all of the things I love, without going on another shocking binge-fest I will surely regret…

Get into the mindset

I’ve been working REALLY hard, pushing myself to get to the gym and eating balanced meals, even when it’s been freezing outside and everything’s telling me to just veg out on the sofa. I keep reminding myself that this healthy thing I’m doing is now is more of a lifestyle and not a fad. I muster up any motivation I can get and tell myself, I’m not about to undo a load of hard work and throw it all away, for the sake of binging when I’m not even hungry. Being more mindful and recognising the difference between hunger and compulsive eating, has completely changed my relationship with food.

Eat what I love

My previous Christmas’s have seen me consuming a pack of biscuits, a box of chocolates and sweets in one sitting. The thing is, I don’t really love these things. I just eat them because they’re there and it’s convenient. What I do love is cake, potatoes, gravy, wine, cheese and sandwiches made out of whatever savoury food is left over from the dinner. My new rule is: Save the tummy space for the things I really enjoy. That’ll be red wine then, basically.

Portion control

If you’re like me, you will fill a big ol’ plate to the brim, then eat every last bit because we’re taught waste is wrong. I’ve started using a smaller plate or bowl, I fill that up which means I can finish all of it without ending up stuffed. This tip has honestly changed my life! It means I can still indulge in the most decadent food while saving tummy space and consuming fewer calories.


Make desserts yourself. It’s fun to do, people really appreciate it and you know exactly what’s gone into it, shop bought cakes and pies often pack a whole lot of crap into such a small portion, so you’ll often go in for seconds AND thirds. Homemade desserts always taste so much better too!

Freeze any leftovers

I used to eat every meal like it was my last. Freezing leftovers not only ensures you won’t be overeating on the big day, it’ll also mean you’re sorted with last-minute meals for the next few days, sandwich fillings, snacks and cake. Is cake for breakfast acceptable?

Get active

I’ve chosen to care for a dog over Christmas, this means I will be forced to get out in the cold and take a walk/jog. Something I’d NEVER have dreamed of doing before on Christmas day! I will even do a 15 minute HIIT workout while the desert is baking. No joke!


Don’t ever feel guilty for enjoying food. I fully intend on eating all of the things I love, I’ll just be more mindful to stop when I’m full, so I don’t overdo it and end up feeling lethargic, demotivated and crappy.


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