Free From Food festival – Bristol

Free From Food festival – Bristol

Just as I was almost tempted to fall off the healthy bandwagon, I heard the free from food festival was in town. This festival is a celebration of all things gluten-free, some sugar-free and meat alternatives. It’s a great chance to discover small (and well established) independent food, drink and wellness brands while sampling what they have on offer. Many of these brands are not readily available to buy in supermarkets so this is a great chance for them to get the word out there and for us foodies to get a taste of the goods.

I didn’t realise how busy the festival would be, there was a bit of a wait in a queue outside. Luckily it was a glorious autumn sunny, blue-skied day. As we arrived, we were greeted with a bottle of Daura Damn, the worlds most award-winning gluten-free beer. There were 50+ companies, demonstrations and experts on hand to raise awareness and offer advice on health conditions and food intolerances. Talks and live music also took place throughout the day.

A brilliant new discovery I made is a company called Matcha now. As a matcha tea drinker, I often find I don’t drink it most days because the preparation can be slightly Inconvenient (so lazy I know) and pre-mixing will make the liquid oxidise, turning it a murky brown which isn’t very appetising. So, this comes in a bottle, the matcha powder is separated in the cap and can only be released into the water when you twist, this breaks the seal and voilà. Fresh ceremonial grade matcha on the go. I just wish this was available in supermarkets as it’s just online at the mo, I’d definitely pick this up rather than a coffee.

The most intriguing stand of the day for me was a cricket flour company, despite the name, I tried a cookie, not realised it was made with ground crickets… I will say, it was actually pretty good! It was the chewiest cookie I’ve had to date! I can imagine it would create lovely brownies. It’s funny we never consider consuming insects in this country, when for many this is their main source of protein. This is not only a healthier source of lean protein but a more environmentally friendly alternative to meat.

My tastiest discovery of the day was an award-winning and well-known pizza company, the white rabbit pizza co, which went down very well with my beer. All pizzas are gluten-free and organic, I didn’t have the usual bloat after inhaling this pizza either.

I received a lovely goody bag with filled with health and food products. My favourite product had to be the sweet freedom chocolate spread, it contains half the sugar of a leading chocolate spread (we can all guess what that is) and is around 14 calories per tsp. It’s rich, gooey and hits the spot!

There weren’t as many samples on offer at the stand as I’d anticipated. Some of the stands didn’t offer any. We did arrive at the event around 1:30 pm, so the fact we arrived later on may have been the reason.It was inspiring to see these passionate entrepreneurs working to create healthier and more environmentally friendly products.  I never thought I’d say I enjoyed eating ground insects but I could really get used to it, the Free From food festival may surprise you too. Tickets are £10, the events take place across the UK yearly.

I received a free press invite to the event in return for some coverage. All opinions are my own.


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