Slaying frizzy, dry hair with Percy & Reed

Happiness is a good hair day…

I was wandering through the M&S beauty section with a good friend when a lady popped out from nowhere. She started telling us about Percy & Reed hair care. I’d never heard of this British brand before, so was intrigued.

I’m pretty experimental when it comes to skincare, but tend to stick with the same old when it comes to my hair. Lately, my hair has been dry and breaking easily, causing fluffy stick out bits at the front! I’ve been using the Pantene gold repair and protect shampoo & conditioner. For me, it’s some of the best daily use hair care but my hair was still feeling dry and frizzy.

When the lady started telling me about this product and the benefits of the overnight recovery, I was more than sceptical as more often than not, hair products I use don’t tend to live up to the hype. I can’t count the number of empty bottles of shampoos, serums and oils I’ve stopped using that are still half full, including some products I was hoping would sort my mane out. It’s been a challenge to find something which works well on my fair, oily roots/dry ends and frizz-prone hair.

They say

Struggling with the “hair hangover”? You know the signs; dull, limp, lacklustre hair that looks and feels frazzled. Percy & Reed Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Overnight Recovery works to transform your hair while you sleep. This ingenious, leave-in treatment absorbs instantly into dry hair (no messing!), helping to nourish, rehydrate and even to repair damage. Dreamy.

Natural protein boosts the hair’s ability to retain moisture, while potent conditioning agents resist humidity, fight frizz and boost shine.

How to use

Apply evenly through dry combed hair, working through from roots to ends. In the morning, shampoo and style as normal. You don’t need to use conditioner after using this product but I still do. I also like to apply a little to the end of my hair when it’s dry to add a little weight and shine.

Reasons I love this product

I’d say the scent is worthy of having its own eau de toilette, fresh, flowery and graceful comes to mind when I smell my hair (which I’ve been doing A LOT). It lingers in my hair the next day when I’ve washed the product out, even my pillow smells beautiful.

The convenience of applying onto dry hair before bed makes using this product an enjoyable experience. It’s instantly absorbed and feels like every strand has been quenched, leaving no residue. I even apply before I go to the gym (it makes gym hairstyles, like plaits, a lot easier to do too!)

It’s so refreshing to find a product that works so well with my hair type rather than against it. The best part is that it actually delivers.

Will I repurchase?

At £20, this product is a higher end price point, so I use sparingly on my hair. For once, I’m really glad I let a salesperson convince me into treating myself to something. If there are three words I would use to describe Percy & Reed as a brand, they would be Feminine, luxurious and lovely. For me, using these products is more of an experience than just a routine. Percy & Reed leaves me smelling gorgeous and feeling downright special. Now, I know that sounds dramatic as we are talking about hair products here! but if you love your luxury as much as I do, you’ll totally get what I mean.

The brand love is REAL in this post, I can assure you all views are 100% my own. 



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