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If there’s one beauty secret I truly believe in, it has to be the power of massage. People in Asia have been including massage techniques as part of their beauty routine for YEARS. Unlike many creams and potions, Massage is a proven technique for depuffing, increasing circulation and relieving tension. This is why I’m pretty excited to share this next product with you…..

This stethoscope looking object is another cheeky impulse purchase from Space NK. What’s it for you ask? well, the idea is that it firms, lifts & tones your chin/jaw & neck area. Sarah Chapman, a leading facialist, created this contraption after her clients asked how they could replicate the results of her renowned facial at home. This product features Eight massaging wheels and 48 massaging nodules, that imitate the movement of the knuckles when receiving the facial treatment. It Boosts blood circulation, aids lymphatic drainage and contours the skin. Sarah even states that this can relieve pressure, helping with headaches and tension from jaw clenching (I’m a jaw clencher and the struggle is real with tension headaches).

To use this I run it horizontally along my jawline, just under the cheekbones before working my way down the neck. At first, there is a mild discomfort because my face isn’t used to the pressure. I try it again with my Decleor Aromessence Neroli oil and it doesn’t hurt half as much! I’d definitely recommend using this with a serum or oil, you can even use this in the shower with your face wash.

From my very first time using this product I can feel a difference, my skin looks rosier and feels plump (if not a little tender!) I know I won’t see results right away though, I don’t ever expect instant noticeable results with ANYTHING skincare (unless it contains caffeine!) I’ve seen some reviews write this product off for not working after the first use BUT these things do take a little effort and time. This is like a workout for the skin and muscles so I am going to use to use it morning and night for around a month to see how I get on.

I will update this post. Fingers crossed for a lovely result!


Have you tried this product? If not, would you? Let me know in the comments below.

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