Camouflage those dark circles

Camouflage those dark circles


There are simply times when even the best dark circle cover-up won’t do. No amount of Touche Éclat can disguise the sign of late nights and overindulging in crappy food.

This time of year is always a busy one for me, everyone I know seems to have a birthday and there are always multiple Christmas events to attend. I’m never one to turn down a good party, so I need products that work and put some life back into my face first thing on a Monday. Here are a few products I use & love to cover up those dark circles:

The body shop roller makes no sense to someone who has never used one. Why would you roll a tiny metal ball around your eye area? Well, when you look like you’ve been in a brawl first thing in the morning, you might be willing to try it yourself. I use this with either a facial oil or my Origins eye cream, rolling the magnetic ball around my eye area. This helps to drain lymphatic fluid. Sound like BS? Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. I store mine in the fridge so it’s cold. It gets the circulation going and helps me look more awake. I would include a link but it appears that the roller ball it’s no longer in stock to purchase! However, there’s a similar product that’s part of the drops of youth range which also comes with the best selling oil. A win-win.

Most eye creams contain caffeine, it is usually the ultimate for pepping up our under eyes. This pearlescent cream contains ginseng and magnolia extract to wake your eyes up. What I love about this cream is that it has these tiny optic reflectors that bounce the light off your skin, meaning you look less walking dead, more you. As it’s a light formula I can use quite sparingly, a little goes a long way and it’s a great base for my concealer. I’m currently on my third pot and won’t be switching to another day eye cream anytime soon.

Bourjous radiance reveal concealer is my new eye makeup weapon of choice. Having spent ALOT of money on high-end concealers in the past. I’ve found the one for me. It’s cheap and cheerful, it has a wand application with a slant for precision, which I always appreciate! Containing hyaluronic acid this is what my eye area needs. The formula is super light and creates a thin, natural veil which is easily buildable. Boujous products always have such a pleasant scent to them. The only qualm I have with this product is that it comes in only three shades (I use no 1). I’m sure so many people would love to use this! Boujous, why are you denying the people of this glorious product?

What are you dark circle remedies? Let me know in the comments below.


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