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  • My lip fillers experience

    So, I’d like to start this post by saying that no one should feel the need to get this procedure. Lips are beautiful in all shapes and sizes. Big lips don’t mean beautiful. I also believe that if you feel having a cosmetic procedure is something you 100% feel you want to do, you’ve done your research and thought long and hard about it, then I am all for it.

    For me, I was always lacking much of a top lip. Though this never bothered me and I got to the ripe age of 28 without a second thought. However, it was looking at the sheer amount of lipsticks and glosses I own. I realised I barely wear any of these products, unless I also wear lip liner which did a great job but didn’t have much staying power, due to my top lip slightly dragging under when I spoke.

    I could never seem to find the perfect lipstick either! I just thought I didn’t suit any shade so was forever searching for the one, and never finding it. That’s right about when I noticed Kylie Jenner’s dramatic lip transformation. Her lips are far too big for me but all lip products seem to look great on her. I spoke to a few of my friends who had had lip fillers, all of them looked incredible and if I’m honest, I couldn’t even tell they’d had anything done. Their lipstick just sat better on their lips. So I did my research and after being offered this procedure by a clinic in Bristol. I decided against it and went with a friends recommendation instead. I booked myself in with Dr Ros at Rosmedics, a clinic based in Cardiff’s leafy Pontcanna.

    We sat down and discussed the look I was going for. I explained that I didn’t have much of a cupid’s bow, I didn’t want bigger lips, I basically wanted lipsticks to look better and stay put. Dr Ros suggested that I got for 0.5ml of Juverderm feather. This is the smallest amount of filler you can have at one time. It’s also much softer than other fillers, ideal for filling fine lines and gentle plumping. It lasts from 6 months to 9 months on average. Dr Ros wanted to create a stronger vermilions border on my top lip. She also pointed out that one side of my lip gets dragged down slightly when I speak (Which I now know is part of the reason lip gloss always ended up on my teeth!)

    I wasn’t nervous about the dreaded needle until I sat in THE chair… At one point I almost talked myself out of it in my mind. Dr Ros reassured me with good chatter and the worlds strongest numbing cream! After 20 minutes my lips were completely numb, I couldn’t smile or even talk properly which was a weird feeling but also quite funny 😊 I chose to look away from the needle (always a wise option) Dr Ros gently injected my lips, working her way around with tiny injections like an artist. The whole experience including the consultation, numbing (2o mins) and the procedure lasted around 30 minutes.

    Did it hurt?

    I experienced a few minor uncomfortable pinches. I honestly believe that pain is largely created in our heads. The anticipation is worse than the actual pain 😊 The 20 minutes of numbing sorted that out.

    How much does it cost?

    An arm and a leg! This varies from clinic to clinic. Mine would be £175 for 0.5ml. Definitely worth it though. Also, I would advise against going for a cheaper deal at a salon as I’ve heard some horror stories. Please avoid Groupon deals for fillers at all costs!

    How much should I get?

    This really depends on the look you’re going for. You certainly don’t get Kylie lips with a 0.5ml. I would recommend a 0.5ml for a first timer who would like a subtle look, especially if you’ve never had fillers before. 1ml does make quite a difference. You can always revisit your clinic in future for top ups if you decide you want more volume.

    Did I bruise?

    This was something I was really worried about. I needed to go to work 2 days later and didn’t fancy questions from concerned colleagues about my bashed up lips. Now, I am someone who bruises like no one else. All I need to do is knock my arm and I have a bruise. That being said, I actually cannot believe I managed to escape with ZERO bruising. Miraculously I did! This was either down to Dr Ros’ gentle hand or maybe I was just lucky this time.

    Am I happy with the result?

    Yes yes yes! I love my new lips. Lipstick is a lot more fun for me now it stays put. I’ve fallen back in love with my YSLs/Mac Lipsticks and Chanel lip-glosses. I will most definitely have this procedure again in future!


    Have you had fillers? Are you happy with the result?

    Let me know in the comments below.


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