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  • Hair loss at 29…

    Ok, so I’m 29, nearly 30 but why is my hair already thinning… This is sad times.

    Thinning hair as I age is something I’ve anticipated but this is a joke. I’ve noticed a silly amount of hair in my brush this past year. I’m taking enough to open a wig shop… That’s a slight exaggeration but when it’s your hair, that’s how it feels. It wasn’t until I pulled my hair forward and realised my fringe is now made up of a few sad and lonesome strands, fighting to remain rooted. Lately, it’s been falling out at an alarming rate. I’m really gutted about this, a woman’s hair is her pride and I am not ready to let go of thick & lovely hair just yet. I’ve always ploughed through my hair with a brush after washing, but I’m quite precious about taking my time now, so not to pull out the little hair I have left! I’ve even considered going Kylie and getting my self a full-on wig, so I can give my poor hair a rest while it attempts to grow healthily again.

    A few things have contributed to my increase in hair loss this year. A big factor would be my old job, I noticed my hair really started to fall out a few months into that job, my lack of sleep, terrible diet and stress wasn’t doing my hair and skin any good. It’s only since I’ve left there that I’ve started noticing all these things I didn’t before: back problems, gut issues, tired skin and putting on weight. Yes, sit down jobs do our bodies no favours. If only we could get a balance between standing and sitting – that would be perfect!

    So what is a girl to do? There’s no way I’m losing my mane without a fight. So, I’ve improved my diet massively. I’ve added nuts, seeds and vegetables to my diet daily. I’ve actually switched to vegetarianism recently (A future post I’m working on). At the end of September, I started taking daily hair, skin and nail supplements. I’m also drinking loads of water and exercising again. I’m already feeling brilliant inside but I’ve also added some products to help with strengthening my hair.

    Product wise, I’ve gone for some that will hopefully do the following: reduce breakage, encourage hair growth and strengthen the hair follicle.

    Lee Stafford Hair growth Leave in treatment: This leave-in product is to be applied onto towel dried/damp hair. It claims to be a moisture boost treatment that helps smooth and strengthen hair from within. I’m not 100% on this one yet. I’ve used it a handful of times and not felt or seen any improvement. I don’t expect results right away though so I’m going to finish the bottle and see how I get on.

    Lee Stafford growth Scalp Serum: Urgh, the word scalp makes me shudder. I started using this around a week ago and so far, it’s brill. I have too much fun applying this, who doesn’t love a dropper? I apply drops down my parting, then I create two more partings on the left and right side and do the same. I then massage the product in. It feels soothing on my scalp and doesn’t leave my hair greasy or crunchy, so morning or night use is suitable. I can report that my hair is starting to feel healthier at the root after just 1 weeks continuous use. I will definately be sticking with this one and will probably purchase another bottle once finished. A small amount of product seems to go a long way.

    Aussie 3 minute miracle oil: The most enjoyable part of using this oil is, like most Aussie products, the scent. It was a favourite of mine for a while and I recently rediscovered it. This light and easily absorbed oil is perfect for taming frizz, flyaways and smoothing dry ends. It doesn’t weigh my hair down or give me that grease ball look that normally comes with oils.

    I am on a mission to sort out this mane of mine. Send me your hair growth product recommendations or any tips you think will help me along the way.


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