Lipstick queen chess review

Lipstick Queen is a brand I’d never have known about, had I not stepped into a Space NK store during one of my lunchtimes. I can’t help but get roped into buying things in there. I’m instantly seduced by the calm spa like vibes and the clever merchandising of the products. Anyone who has shopped there knows it’s like stepping into an Aladdin’s cave of beauty & skincare treasures. Some products I end up purchasing and falling in love with and some I regret..

Lipstick Queen’s chess collection has the packaging down. You can’t go wrong with bold black and white. This collection comes in 6 lipstick shades, all matt, all pretty with a slightly edgy feel. Bishop – Determined (mauve) was one of the softer shades of the collection. I wanted one for everyday wear but not TOO every day. (There’s no pleasing some). The application glides on smoothly, the Vitamin E oils working their magic. However after about an hour, my lips are already feeling dry and gritty, I kind of want to scrape it all off and start new. It’s a shame because this shade is the perfect mauve/pink. And considering I forked out £22, I expected more. I’ve actually started wearing this over my mac liptensity smoked almond lipstick, to tone down the brown and pink it out a bit. I would never wear this on its own though as it just doesn’t work for me.

Now I’m not sure why I purchased the invisible lip liner. I paid £18 for this and unfortunately, I don’t love it. This product is applied like a regular lip liner to prevent your lipstick feathering or smudging. I know I have major issues with feathering on the rare occasion that I do wear red lippy. I bought this on a whim (I also felt under pressure from a sales assistant, my own fault) and instantly regretted it. I wear red lippy maybe once a year on Christmas! so I don’t think I will get much use out of this product. My other lipsticks don’t really feather, especially when I’m wearing my normal coloured lip liners. So this really was a waste of money for me. The packing is also a tad flimsy and I feel like you don’t get much product for the price. I’ve seen a lot of online hype surrounding this product, so don’t take my word for it but..

Have you tried this Lipstick queen collection?


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