Jo Loves X Zara Emotions collection – My thoughts

I will admit it, I’m a full blown perfume snob. Expensive perfumes generally smell better but I resent paying out for them. So I lost my s**t when I heard the queen of perfumes herself, Jo Malone had collaborated with Zara to create a collection of eight exclusive perfumes. Scent is quite a personal thing, although I LOVE our J Malone, at £26 a bottle I honestly didn’t think I’d be that impressed…

I headed on over to Zara for a whiff of the goods. My nose instantly taken by Ebony Wood, a smokey, berry, woody scent. That reminds me of & dare I say, possibly better than, Tom Ford’s black orchid. (For reference, I’m a big fan of warm, wintry scents like Jo Malone’s pomegranate noir & Lancome tresor)

Jo is experimental with her perfumes and encourages mixing these perfumes together. Maybe the spritz action numbed my nose but I have to admit, I wasn’t as impressed with the others… Although I do think mixing scents will create some phenomenal creations. Good excuse to go “research” some more.

I was pleased that Jo has steered clear of the predicable sickly vanilla based scents most high street stores offer. One thing to bear in mind, it doesn’t linger as much as more pricey perfumes, but then for price and the level of deliciousness I feel when wearing it… just take my damn money.


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