My top tips to soothe dry hands & nails

As the weather has transitioned from summer to Autumn, my nails start to get brittle and the skin around them peels. I can never resist picking at the skin until it bleeds either (sexy I know). If you want to keep your hands and nails looking beaut all year, follow these tips.

  • Keep a moisturiser in your bag and use after you wash your hands. Use a heavier duty one before bed and you should wake up with beautifully soft mitts. I use fruity/citrus creams and lotions in the colder months, it takes my mind off the fact that life will be grey for months…
  • Cuticle oil. I used to use a brilliant one that I picked up in a nail salon. It smelled of almonds and sorted out any sign of flaky cuticles as well as encouraging nail growth. You can make your own one easy enough, using almond oil and jojoba oil.
  • Don’t bite nails. Just don’t.
  • Use a good quality nail hardener. I use Essie nail grow stronger base coat. This is my go-to nail polish. It adds a nude, glossy finish while protecting my nails from breakage.
  • Trimming your cuticles isn’t good for your nails. Just soften them and they shouldn’t be a problem. They are there to protect your nail and trimming them can risk infection.
  • Get the marigolds out when washing the dishes. There’s a reason the older woman in your family use these. This will stop your hands from drying out, plus, your nail polish will last longer.
  • Include rich in whole foods to keep nails and skin healthy. This includes fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans, natural oils, and fish.
  • Take a supplement, I’m currently taking Perfectil, does it work? We shall see as I’ve only been taking it for two weeks which isn’t enough time for a fair verdict. I always give supplements a good 2-3 months before expecting results.





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