Green hair care that doesn’t suck

You may have seen these colourful bottles scattered around Boot’s and Superdrug stores (if you live in the UK). Well, in all honesty, I paid no attention to this brand for a while, I unconsciously go for packaging that looks premium as I’m a bit of a packaging snob. These were on offer though, so after giving them a whiff, I fell in love with the scent of the green shampoo and conditioner and ended up buying them.

I’ve tried vegan hair care over the years and sampled the hair care section at Holland & Barrett and I can tell you, they didn’t do it for me! For a start, I like my shampoo to foam up, without it I don’t feel like my hair has been fully cleansed. The chemical responsible for creating the froth in our shampoo is often Sodium Laureth Sulfate, which has actually raised some concerns in the beauty and health industry. Despite that, I still use products that contain it.

Maui moisture is a Vegan brand, all products contain ZERO Silicones, mineral oil and parabens. These products are not tested on animals.

The shampoo’s/conditioners are made with 100% coconut water and aloe juice and there are seven sets you can go with, depending on your hair type and concern. I went with the green Thicken & Restore line. I wouldn’t say my hair is thin but it’s definitely weak and prone to dry ends, it likes any excuse to snap so I’m always careful to be gentle with my hair. It doesn’t help that my hair gets oily fast, I have to wash it every other day – my least favourite past time.

While shampooing, frothing was no issue, my hair felt squeaky clean after one wash, the fresh, botanical smell was divine! The conditioner didn’t wow me but it did the job. It was only after I had blow dried my that that I noticed the shine. It felt softer and smelled gorgeous throughout the day.

Cons: The shape of the bottle design is cool and doesn’t lose it’s balance and fall into the bath like most bottles, although it makes it a bit of a pain to squeeze the product out. I’m not sure what sticking agent is used in the shampoo but this causes the product to come out in blobs, so making sure I use sparingly is slightly more difficult, but only slightly.

Pros: A product that’s not only good for the environment but also good for me and cruelty-free. I have zero irritation from this product and I feel like I’m really taking care of my hair when using. The scent separates this particular green one from other hair care brands.


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