Foods your skin will love

Foods your skin will love

There are times when my skin is looking sad and not even the best makeup & skincare routine can save my skin.

This is usually down the following reasons –

  • Late nights/not getting enough Z’s
  • Drinking alcohol
  • eating lots of sugary crap
  • consuming too much salt
  • not taking care of my skin
  • Not drinking enough water

The truth is, good skin is mostly down to what we eat and drink. I know I can actually go without using fancy products so long as my diet is on point. A simple splash of water in the morning is all I need when I’m eating well.

I’m a massive foodie, so of course, I still indulge in the foods I crave. and a glass of red at times (red wine contains Resveratrol, an antioxidant that holds anti-ageing properties!). I just try to make sure I don’t go to town with it and overindulge! These days I make a conscious effort to add some of the following skin-loving foods to my diet daily.

White tea – I always thought green tea was the master of antioxidant tea’s. However, White tea is less processed than green tea, it also retains more antioxidants which help to defend skin from pollution.

Tomatoes – Would you believe me if I said I’d rather a vine of tomatoes than a king size bar of chocolate? I’m not lying either. Tomatoes are a little bit of an addiction of mine, I’ll happily eat through an entire tub of cherry tomatoes. They contain lutein, a carotenoid that can prevent the skin wrinkling. In order for the carotenoid to be properly absorbed by the body, it needs to be consumed with a fat (like avocado, coconut oil or olive oil). If this is true, then I’m hoping I still have my 29yo skin at 60!

Sweet potatoe – This is a staple in my diet and for good reason. They contain Vitamin A which may protect against sun damage (not that I need that in England) as well as a generous serving of Vitamin E. Because They take a good 35 – 40 mins in the oven to roast which is time consuming and eats energy, I tend to cut up about 3 large sweet potatoes into cubes (leave the skin on), lay over 3 baking trays and roll in olive oil, smoked paprika, salt, pepper and garlic. once they’re all coated I pop them in the oven for 45 – 40 mins. These should last a good few days once refrigerated. I add to salads, curries – Anything!

Avocado – Now I just want to get something off my chest. I am SICK TO DEATH of this smashed Avocado on toast food trend. I really am. These ‘what I eat in a day’ videos, it seems like the world is obsessed. There is SO MUCH more that can be done with an avocado, but I digress. Avocado is a nutritional champ, essential fatty acids and vitamins for days, Yes they are high in (good) fat but your skin will love you for it.

Macadamia – Rich in omega 9, This little nut helps to strengthen the skin’s barrier. It also contains palmitoleic fatty acids, which may delay the signs of ageing.

Kiwi – is a bit of a forgotten fruit. Food trends come and go but there is one reason you might want to add them to your diet: One kiwi alone provides the daily amount of your recommended vitamin C intake.

Walnuts – Contain a high level of Omega 3 fatty acids. Back in my veggie days, when I wasn’t consuming any fish, these were a go-to snack for me.

Broccoli – When I was younger, It was almost cool to hate broccoli. These days I actually love it. My fridge can never be without this high in Zinc, vitamin A & C wonder.

This doesn’t have to be a really expensive shop either. For my UK lot, Lidl & Asda & Aldi produce some fantastic organic fresh fruit and veg. I find a lot of other supermarkets pretty expensive and when you’re on a budget all you really want is quality at a reasonable price.

Disclaimer: I am no expert in skincare or nutritional studies. This is a personal view I’ve gained from my own research and personal experience. 


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