Flawless skin with Chanel

You know when you find that perfect base makeup that leaves you glowing? Well, at 29 years of age, it’s finally happened for me. Chanel had always been strictly a lipstick brand for me, for some reason I never considered the skincare or foundation line. That was until I tried a sample of the CC cream.

Following on from the hype of BB creams (Blemish balm), then came the next big thing – the CC cream (Colour corrector). The benefit of a CC cream is that it often works a little harder than your usual foundation. This one contains an SPF 50 and claims to moisturize, soothe, protect and perfect, so it’s especially good for those who want a time saving and multitasking product.

Firstly, can we talk about the scent? Chanel skincare and makeup products carry this beautiful, fresh and feminine scent. The only other brand I can compare it to is Boujous (Chanel owns Boujous cosmetics).

My skin requires little or no prep before I apply the CC cream. It glides on and blends into my skin effortlessly without the use of a brush. If I want a more airbrushed look I lightly buff with a fluffy brush afterwards. One thing I like to do to darken my colour for the evening, or if I have a tan (false of course, I NEVER tan easily!) is to mix with a bit of my Chanel du soliel which I will talk about later.

I have combination skin which can get a little oily, so using a setting powder to finish ensures I stay glowing, without the oily T zone. I find my skin looks better as the day goes on, there are no areas or creases with product build up.

The CC cream is pretty pricey (£44 – ouch!) so I’d ask for a sample at a makeup counter to see if it’s right for you before committing to buy. Although it carries a hefty price tag, I know I will be repurchasing this again in future. There’s something about the quality of Chanel cosmetics that just can’t be matched. My only regret with this product is that I went to town when applying! I didn’t use it sparingly at all, so I’m saving my last little bit for a special occasion.

Chanel Du Soleil bronzer

I’ve had an unsuccessful time with bronzers. My first ever was that Rimmel Sunshimmer bronzer, I’d wack it on willy-nilly without blending into my jaw… resulting in a big orange, sparkling face. Thankfully, there’s no photographic evidence. That was the beauty of growing up at a time when smartphones weren’t around yet 🙂 Then came my Benefit Hoola, which I thought was the bomb at the time but looking back, it didn’t suit me at all. After no success and much £’s wasted, I stopped using bronzer altogether. That was until I discovered cream bronzers.

Cream bronzers look so much better on my skin tone, especially this Chanel one. Usually, I’d be fussing over which shade to choose but it’s universal so comes in just one shade. Although the product looks dark and I’m the palest girl in the world, it doesn’t make me look orange, it has more of a golden/yellow undertone. A friend of mine who has a dark skin tone used this and although it didn’t change her skin colour, it enhanced her complexion and gave her a beautiful velvety glow.

Again, the bronzer has that signature Chanel scent. I feel like you get a lot of product for your buck, it’s certainly lasted me way over a year and I use it most days. The cream melts into my skin instead of sitting on top of my makeup and gives me the most beautiful, flawless, dewy glow. If I want an all over heavy coverage, I’ll apply the bronzer and CC cream to the back of the hand to warm the product, then I’ll buff together with a bronzer brush over my face and neck, these two products combined are THE DREAM.

What are your ultimate foundation & bronzer go to’s? I’d love to know in the comments below.


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