Algenist SPLASH Absolute Hydration Replenishing Gel Moisturizer review

Ahh why oh why do I have such expensive taste in skincare.

Algenist came into my life after another one of my Space NK expeditions. After my 6 hour a night slumbers and terrible eating, My skin felt what I can only describe as.. grey. Grey, tired and lacking lustre. I really didn’t intend on splurging on my lunch break but it just kinda happened..

Algenist uses a mysterious ingredient called microalgae, a nutrient-rich alga, which is a bit of a treat for your skin. If you are a fan of serums then you will probably love this lightweight, bouncy gel like consistency. The scent is refreshing and clean and makes me feel lovely after my evening cleanse. I always apply too much because it has such a beautiful luxe feel, I can’t resist slathering it on like there’s no tomorrow! My skin quickly sucks up this product and I’m left with plump feeling skin and a dewy sheen. When I wake up in the morning my skin is totally hydrated and supple, Meaning my makeup glides on with no dry patches or bother.

Now this gel is very similar in appearance to the Neutrogena Hydro boost gel. The Neutrogena gel is a fraction of the price.. what’s wrong with using that gel you may ask? Well, I actually bought it in the hope of a more wallet friendly option… and I gave it away! It just didn’t have the same effect, my skin just didn’t have the glow and hydration I had experienced with Algenist.

I would advise against wearing this as a daytime cream, if you are oily like myself, you may end up a greasy mess, makeup sliding everywhere – not a pretty sight!

The results on my skin are brilliant but at £44, This is on the expensive side, so I probably won’t be purchasing again for a while. I can’t deny that my skin did feel beautiful after application and even when I woke up the next morning, it made applying makeup a dream.

If you have any recommendations for similar hydrating gels, leave me a comment below.

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