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I’m Clare, skincare mad maven, and lover of quality coffee. I have a thing for skincare. I mean I’m REALLY into it.

I’ve come a long way since using herbal essences shampoo to wash my face… I was 5 at the time, back then the only thing that mattered was that it smelled nice… these days I like to believe I’m a lot more clued up. I’m no expert by any means but after many years of research (and a shocking amount of £££s spent!) I’m finally at a place where I better understand the beauty industry.

I created this space to share my latest finds in beauty and discuss life & wisdom along the way.  My aim with Clare Daily is to clear up some the mysteries behind the ingredients list and to build a community of skin savvy girls and guys.

When I’m not eating my body weight in food or attempting some ridiculous new personal challenge, You can usually find me on my insta stories with a cup of coffee in hand, rambling about my favourite skincare bits

Loves: tomatoes, Simplicity, dogs. LOVE dogs, high-end skincare, coffee, discovering new places, spa days, old man pubs, spiced rum, Art galleries and museums, Autumn, candles, hotels & being surrounded by leafy green plants.

Not so fussed on: designer dogs, pears, rude people, soap operas, H&M clothing Sizing, The unicorn trend. 

Favourite skincare brands: Sarah Chapman, Ren, Origins, Neals Yard, Beautypie, Philosophy, This works.

Hair care brands I love: Percy and Reed, Redken


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